The old Gods created the world called Asteria, then each God gave life to a race they molded and shaped themselves. The first races included humans, elves (now called high elves), dwarves, halfings, gnomes, valkyrie, fae, and draconian. These races coexisted for several generations, growing their numbers, their knowledge and their faiths.

Despite the first race’s devout faith in their Gods, all at once as far as anyone could tell, the Gods disappeared. No trace, no prophecies, no clues gave any indication as to what happened.

Not to waste the chance, several Gods unknown to the first races stepped into their places – not to take over their races but to create their own on the world Asteria. From these new Gods came over a dozen new races, each seeking a place in the world.

There are a few of the first races who look down on those who came from the new Gods, the most outspoken on this subject were the elves – though now called the high elves due to a few variations on their race being created by the new Gods. They are the only kingdom to enact laws specifically against actions of the newer races or segregating them from certain festivities or areas of the kingdom.

Like the first races, the new races started their generations keeping their bloodlines pure – while some would enjoy the company of other races, they would not bear children together. As generations passed, some races both new and old began to loosen that tradition. Some just a little, but some expressed no discontent about those who were mixed race. In many of the first race’s kingdoms though, half bloods were not granted residence or brick and mortar shops – any parent who birthed a half blood child were persuaded by the kingdom to go elsewhere. To keep the kingdom pure.

So came the kingdoms of mixed races, where it didn’t matter so much who or what you were, what or what your parents were..just that you wanted a place to live safely and happily. These kingdoms were not governed by a king or queen, but by a council made of up several different races so that the opinions of all weren’t lost by the opinion of one.


Asteria Wisperness