Fushia - Mixed Kingdom

Fushia was the first kingdom established for the mixture of races from around Asteria, followed not long by Diversa the second kingdom established for mixed races.

Both kingdom are ruled by their own council, made up of people from several races. Other cities and towns within the kingdom are watched over by a governor chosen by the ruling council.

Fallshade – Capital city, Approximate population 2 million

Starfell – Second largest city, Approximate population 870,000

While Fallshade is the capital city, Stafell is known to be the central hub of trade in the kingdom, attracting neighboring villages, nomadic tribes and trade caravans from other cities; including a great trade relationship with Diversa.

Because of the friendly alliance with Diversa, citizens of both kingdoms enjoy an extremely discounted teleportation service rate between the two kingdoms. Those who frequent more often than most on official business are granted free services of this transportation.

Within Starfell there is always money to be made, though most of the residents prefer more traditional avenues of work such as fishing, mining, forestry, crafting, hunting..etc. There are arena fights every night or casinos if gambling is your fancy. Merchants and mages are always in search of magical components or rare finds that adventurers sometimes come across in the wilds.

Nobility in Fushia::: Being a noble is not dependent on wealth or power, nobility titles are awarded to citizenry that show continuously the desire and acts to assist the community and those who live within the community. Along with the title, a new noble is given a dowry in gold at the very least as well as a residence. Depending on the awarded title additional reward may be given by discretion of the governor’s suggestion to the ruling council of the kingdom.

Fushia - Mixed Kingdom

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