There is a universal system for slavery on Asteria, all kingdoms, cities and people go by the same system. Every city, town and village has an office for the Assembly.

Slaves must be registered with the Assembly of Servitude – The Assembly is made up of several planar and otherworldly races contracted eternally by the old gods to enforce the slavery mandates. Slaves found that have not been registered are forfeit to the Assembly as well as the soul of the owner that did not have them registered.

All slaves are bound by a contract, linked to their souls. They all receive the same symbol on their inner wrists for easy identification.

You can be born a slave, become a slave due to debt, a willing slave in return for a bargain, or forced into slavery. Though many kingdoms ban forced slavery against their own race, such as it’s highly illegal for a high elf to have another high elf as a forced slave.

There is a one week window of time you must have your slaves registered by after you acquire them.

Slave collars are not necessary as the brands the Assembly gives to them are innately infused with suppression which respond to the owner’s desire as far as the strength. (Example: If you desire your slave to be completely submissive they will be, or if you want your slave to be able to talk freely they will…etc)

The Assembly does not sell slaves or exchange money at all for anything, though if you wish to buy and/or sell slaves as a business you must register with them as a merchant along with being in accordance with your kingdom’s regulations.

Non merchants are limited in the number of slaves they may own, at 5. Members of nobility may own up to 15. These limits may be increased with good reason/need through requesting with the Assembly; which may require an audit to confirm you actually need them.


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