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Transendent – Similar to Suli in that they have an elemental in their heritage, but Transendents take on the elemental DNA more than the Suli (I.E: Shiva from FF)

Elin – (tera)

Kokiri – ageless, childlike elves (A variation on elves, like wood, high, dark..etc — from zelda)

Zora – Aquatic race (from zelda)

Twi’lek – (starwars)

Moontouched – Were creatures, resemble regular humans with a couple differences, their eyes remain the animal they are and many will retain some of the markings such as leopard spots or tiger stripes. Weak and average Moontouched must shift during the night of a full moon, above average/strong Moontouched can fight the full moon to avoid shifting. All are able to shift at any time on their own will. Moontouched do not begin to shift until they turn 14 and the animals they become are random, not determined by the parents’ animals at all.

Vampyres – Semi-Traditional vampires. Needs blood to live, is able to eat real food but does not gain nourishment. NOT undead. Sunlight, crosses, garlic…etc does not harm them. (Natural abilities include being able to trance a humanoid and calling a mist to engulf the area)

Sylvari – guild wars 2

Miraluka – star wars

Arachnia – spider people!

Draconian – humanoid dragons

Drenai – warcraft

Lamia – snake people!

Castanic – tera

Valkyrie – winged humanioids, feathery wings

Nephilim – Clint’s Race

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